Panasonic Remote

A Panasonic remote control used for the GH2 or GH4 can be connected to the 2,5 mm jack plug on the µRemote. This simple device can start and stop recording and activate push autofocus. For a DIY solution, look to the repository.

Bluetooth Control

The µRemote can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The Android app gives you full control over the features of the BMMCC, that are accessable through the remote port, like start and stop recording, focus, iris and zoom control of supported MFT-lenses and the setup of framerate, ISO or whitebalance.

In a second step a remote unit will be created, to have a physical record button and focus wheel.

Android App

The app can control all functions, that are available through the remote port of the BMMCC. After pairing you enter the main screen with a record button and a slider for the analogue control of focus, zoom, iris and audio level.

The status of the record button represents the actual status of the camera. The Panasonic remote and the app can be used simualtanily, the current recording state  is displayed on the app.

It is possible to add lens data with a scale, to get a direct display of the focus point, without looking at the actual lens.

With the A and B points the travel of the slider can be reduced. This enables you to reproduce focus points very exact, leaving the control over the focus speed in your hands.

Zhiyun Servo Follow Focus

The Chinese company Zhiyun sells a servo follow focus control for the Crane 2 gimbal to enable manually lenses to be controlled. The motor is sold separately for under 100 €. It has a builtin battery and normally is operated from the gimbal.

The Micro-USB connector on the µRemote is able to control the Zhiyun motor, so it can be used as remote focus control on manually operated lenses without the gimbal.

With the A and B buttons, you can save two values and limit the travel of the slider. So i.e. focus points can be exactly reproduced.