The Remote for the BMMCC



This documentation reflects the current software state an can change in developement. If you have suggestions I am open for your ideas.


The µ-remote has two basic modes: select and value. A big icon with a small text beneath shows the current parameter.


zoom selected

By turning the wheel, the value to be changed can be selected. The dot on the left side of the display shows the position of the parameter in the list. The narrow line left of the dots represents the corresponding value between 0 and 100%.


Focus mode

focus selected


Analog Parameters

The focus, iris, zoom and audio level setting are "analog". To change a value of a paramter you push the wheel once. For the analog paramters the navigation dots change to a value bar, showing the current setting.

Value mode for focus

focus in value mode

In Value mode the parameter is changed by turning the wheel. The speed of the change is determined how fast the wheel is rotated: slow rotation = accurate adjustment, fast rotation = quick change.

Pushing the button again brings you back to select mode.

When the wheel is pressed for more than 1,5 seconds, the remote changes in the third, the save mode of the current paramter.

Save mode for focus

Save mode for focus

The save mode is marked by the letter S in the right lower corner, and the small text "save" in the middle of the display. In this mode up to three values can be saved in the permanent memory of the remote control. These values will stay even after power down.

With a short push on the wheel you change to the save value mode to adjust the parameter as described above.

Add a focus value

Add a new value to the memory

With a second short push you get a little menu, to determin what to do with the current value. You can add the value, which is saved in the nonvolatile memory.

Memory one

Memory 1 holds a value

You can repeat this procedure up to three times and add two more values.

All memory places are used

All three memory places for focus are used

You can change a memory and save the new value, add a value, or delete it.

All memory places are used

Delete memory 2

You can save three values for focus, iris, zoom and audio level independently. If you are back to the normal select mode by pressing the button for more than 1,5 seconds again, the little "save" text indicates saved values.

Focus selected with saved values

Normal select mode with saved values

When you push the record button, now the saved values can be recalled by pressing the wheel. The memories are recalled cyclic starting at one.

Record with saved valued

Recording: 3 values saved, value 1 is currently used

Even when a saved value is used, you can change the setting manually by turning the wheel. By pushing the wheel, the next value is selected, but you can change it manually again.


Digital Parameters

The ISO, shutter angle and white balance settings have discrete values, which can only be adjusted in a up-down manner while turning the wheel. The value bar of the analog paramters is replaced by a +/- symbol. The feedback, what value you have set in the camera, is only possible on the monitor. Digital values can not be saved.

Setting shutter angle



When the cable to the camera is disconected, and the remote is powered by a separate power source (5 to 18 Volt DC), it will change to wireless mode. This is indicated by the antenna icon, instead of the S.Bus icon.

Wireless mode

Focus selected in wireless operation

There is no difference in functionality between cable and wireless operation.

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µRemote 2.0

A new concept replaces the old project. New design, a lot of new features like Bluetooth control or an interface for the Zhiyun servo follow focus control makes it more powerfull.

BMMCC Menu Button Gadget

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