The Project

The Blackmagic Micro Cineme Camera (BMMCC) has a built in expansion port to control operations using PWM, LanC or S.Bus signals. It was originally designed to operate the camera using wireless model remote controls.

The ┬ÁRemote open source project started some time ago with a result that was not satifying. After a lot of planning I started everything from scratch and built a totally new remote system.

The heart of the system is the ┬ÁRemote control, a tiny box which is diretly connected to the BMMCC remote port. The case is designed to fit into the small space when using a cage, like the on from SmallRig. The HDMI connector is also accessible.

It has a Micro-USB connector on top for firmware updates and a second Micro-USB connector for accessory control.

All parts and code is under a open source lizense.